About Annie Hall Team

Sarah is a Denver native, and Annie has been in Denver for over 22 years. Both had careers before deciding to pursue their love of real estate and of Denver. After college at Tufts University, Annie got her MBA in marketing from MIT. She then began her career working in Boston for a large management consulting firm. Eventually, she and her family relocated to Denver where they have been ever since. Sarah followed college at Middlebury with law school at the University of Denver. She then became a prosecutor and eventually did criminal defense and domestic relations law.

Sarah and Annie’s prior work experiences helped them both develop a relentless work ethic, excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and superior customer service and negotiation skills. They bring these skills to every client with whom they work. As a team, they provide a full-service real estate experience. Sarah and Annie are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get in the trenches when necessary, but they believe that most deals can and should be successfully transacted without the drama of a reality television show! Real estate is a business of relationships. Just ask any of their past clients to discover how serious Sarah and Annie are about cultivating and continuing to strengthen those relationships throughout, and well after, any deal.

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